It’s a hit! HBO Max Crashes for Users During The Last of Us Premiere

It’s a hit! HBO Max Crashes for Users During The Last of Us Premiere
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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The Last of Us is one of the most exciting shows on HBO. By exciting, I mean that a large proportion of HBO’s viewers are excited about it. I haven’t watched it yet, and by the sounds of it, the majority of HBO hasn’t been able to watch it yet either. Apparently, so many people tuned it to watch the pilot episode of The Last of Us that it completely crashed the service. 

According to Twitter, some people did get to see how the one and a half hour pilot episode ended, but most weren’t that lucky. Even hours after the show had launched, Twitter was still ablaze with complaints that people were unable to view the episode in its entirety. If you want a graphical representation of the entire situation, you need look no further than Downdetector

Downdetector is one of the most reliable and reputable websites you can use to see whether a particular service is down or fully operational. As you can see from the graph below, courtesy of Downdetector, everything was running fairly smooth with HBO Max’s servers, until it wasn’t. In what looks like a matter of a few seconds, the streaming service amassed almost 600 issue reports. 

The Last of Us crashes HBO Max servers

It seems that HBO Max was doing just fine until everyone decided to signed in to relive the excitement of the 2013 classic game. The issues don’t seem to have stopped until the first wave of lucky viewers finished the first episode. From there, the error reports on Downdetector subsided to a manageable 200, and presumably fell further thereafter. 

However, we’re expecting to see the HBO Max servers struggle again next week when episode two of the long-awaited show airs. With so many people excited to see where Joel and Eliie are off to next, it’s more than likely that Downdetector will report an equally high and sudden spike in error reports. We understand why there’s so much pressure on the servers though.

This is a retelling of one of the most widely-played and best-loved videogame franchises, and people are champing at the bit to see Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey take on the classic hero’s journey. As they should be, Ramsey’s performance as Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones was so gritty and irreverent, it’s exciting to see her take on a role equally as complex in The Last of Us.

The Last of Us is set to be a limited series of only nine episodes, within which we’ll see Ramsey and Pascal traverse an apocalyptic version of America that is teeming with danger and turmoil, both living, and undead. People who have been lucky enough to watch the first episode say that it sets the tone for the pair’s journey ahead, so we believe those of you who have yet to catch the pilot are in for a treat, particularly if this is your first time experience these characters and the story that they tell. See you on the next episode!

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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