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How to stream to Discord Community in 5 easy steps

How to stream to Discord Community in 5 easy steps
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Discord is software that allows many people to talk to each other for an unlimited amount of time. You can use it to create channels and servers to interact with friends, colleagues, or groups of family members in visual, audio, or text formats. It doesn’t matter if you do so casually or in a formal business context. The result is still excellent communication about anything.

The app was originally designed for gamers to get together online and chat about games and gaming. But before too long, the players wanted a more inclusive communication platform for social groups, businesses, schools, clubs, and more. That led to Discord opening up to other uses, including streaming. Here’s a look at how to stream on Discord.


Accessing Discord

The app is available for Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7), iOS, Mac, Linux, and Android.

 Once you’ve downloaded it onto your device, you can start communicating with whoever you want or streaming content. An increasing number of people are live streaming videos of themselves playing games while giving commentary. You, too, can build your own community and stream games or whatever else you like to people on your channels.

How to stream on Discord

Discord has a live chat feature that allows subscribers and streamers to interact in the same room. Therefore, streamers have many opportunities to interact with their viewers and build their communities to include as many people as possible who want to hear or see what they are offering. You need a server as well as a voice channel to stream. Here’s how to do it

  1. Download and install Discord

    How to stream to Discord Community

    Go to the Discord download page. Click on Download for Mac/Windows. Then install the software on your device. Open the app, register, and log in. You’ll see an invitation to go into public servers on the screen. There’s a plus icon that allows you to create your own servers. Once you’ve done so, a list of your servers will appear.

  2. Create a server

    How to stream to Discord Community

    Clicking on the Plus icon will take you to a screen where you’ll see templates for different categories of servers and an option to create your own. Once you have done so, give your server a name and an icon.

  3. Create channels

    How to stream to Discord Community

    Now you can set up different channels in your server for different topics, invite friends and contacts and start communicating. There are Voice or Text channels. To create a new channel, click the small plus icon. Pick the channel type, name your channel, and click on Create Channel. Now you can start streaming on any of your channels.

  4. Start streaming

    How to stream to Discord Community

    You can only stream on Mac or Windows, and audio sharing is only available on Windows 10 or macOS version 10.13 or later. Here’s how: Open Discord and get onto a voice channel on one of your servers. Look for the option to turn on your video. Click on the Video button to make the camera appear. You’ll then be visible on the screen, and conversation mode will be on.

  5. Share your screen

    How to stream to Discord Community

    Click on the Screen icon. A pop-up window will appear where you can choose how to share (a screen on your system or the whole screen). Then click on the Go Live button to share your screen with viewers. And you’ll be streaming!

    You can invite people to join you on our server. Click on the Invite button or send a server invite link. You can end your stream by clicking on the red Disconnect button on your Discord screen.

Watching a Stream

If you’re on a server where someone is live streaming, you can join the stream with a click.

 You can see if someone is streaming because there’ll be a Live button on the screen. Click on the server’s name in the voice channel, and a window will pop up. Click on Join Stream to watch it.

Should you stream on Discord?

Streaming is a wonderful way to reach many people live on a Discord channel. You can stream so many different things, including games, the original reason for the introduction of streaming, cooking or gardening demonstrations, music, music videos, and movies, to name a few. The best thing about streaming is that you can find new Discord friends while you’re doing so. 

You can see their messages and replies in real-time, and you can reply to them in the same way. Engaging them while streaming is a good way to get them interested in your content so that they can spread the word about your stream. If you’d like to learn more, check out our guide on what Discord is and how it works.

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