Discover new books with

Discover new books with

Avid readers are probably familiar with the feeling that comes after having finished a fantastic book – what’s next after that awesome page-turner? Selecting a follow-up can sometimes be difficult. is striving to make your search for the next great book easier. Described as “an exploratory project intended to help you find new books”, compares the content of your favorite books to those in its database to give you recommendations on what you might enjoy. In that way it’s quite similar to the the way Pandora works for music.

You enter the book title, author’s name or choose a genre. There’s even the unique concept of StoryDNA, which searches for book recommendations based on specific themes present in a book’s title. In addition, BookLamp compares elements such as the book’s description, pacing, density, perspective and dialog to ensure accuracy in its recommendation.

Since BookLamp works directly with publishers, not all of your favorite books will be available in its database at the moment. That said, it’s still a great resource to help you find books that you’re likely to enjoy based on what you’ve loved in the past.

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