Discover Rio de Janeiro with Virtual Reality

Discover Rio de Janeiro with Virtual Reality

If you’ve always wanted to travel to Rio de Janeiro but never could find time or money to do so, then Google’s Beyond The Map project might just be the way to embark on your dream adventure – without emptying the piggy bank or leaving the comfort of your living room.

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Rio: Beyond the Map is a 360˚ Virtual Reality experience that brings you around the sights of the 2016 Olympics host city. Join your virtual hosts as they take you around the Favelas on a motorbike, meet the people that live and grew up there, and discover the dances and songs of the Brazilian people.

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As with all 3D videos, VR glasses are highly recommended for the best experience.

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Once you’ve concluded your tour of Rio, fret not because there are many more virtual tours (albeit not in awesome 360˚ Virtual Reality. yet) of places like the historic Prambanan Temple in Indonesia, Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and Humayun’s Tomb in India to visit and explore on Google Arts & Culture.


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