Discovering iOS 7: Safari

Discovering iOS 7: Safari

In this video in our series dedicated to learning more about iOS 7, we present the new Safari.

The mobile browser from Apple has been totally redesigned with very convincing results.

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The top bar has become a field of unified Smart Search where you can enter both web addresses or search terms, something familiar to Google Chrome users. Page loading is really fast too.

Browser tools are hidden, leaving a ton of space to display information. The toolbar only appears as you scroll down the page. To add a new tab, click the furthest icon on the bottom right of the screen; this also lets you easily navigate between open tabs with an amazing and effective 3D view.

The ‘Share’ icon at the bottom center of the screen gives you access to other important functions: Bookmarks, a Reading List to save articles to read later, Add to Home (an option that lets you save a bookmark on the home page and open it with a single click), Copy, and Print. The Reading List is saved in the Favorites menu, in the second tab. From this same page, you can also start private browsing.

In Safari’s Preferences, which are located in Settings, you also have the chance to make some major customizations. The most interesting are the Popup Blocker, Passwords and AutoFill.

This function allows you to remember user names, passwords and credit card numbers. All data are protected by 256-bit AES encryption so that they’re kept safe. The list of credit cards and passwords are also saved on this page (under Saved Passwords and Saved Credit Cards).

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Original article written by Pier Francesco Piccolomini for Softonic IT.

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