Display your portfolio online with Carbonmade

Display your portfolio online with Carbonmade

Aspiring artists, take note. The best way to get your work noticed and to be taken seriously in the professional world is to have a portfolio available online. This allows potential clients to view projects you’ve done in the past and get an idea of your specific skill set.

Not skilled at web design? No worries.  Carbonmade has you covered. A tool to help you manage your portfolio online, Carbonmade’s primary goal is to keep your images, videos, and writing at the forefront. There are a variety of different portfolio design styles from which to choose, as well as examples you can take a look at to give you ideas for your own page.

There are both paid and free portfolio options. Depending on how much work you want to display, the free option that allows you to display five projects and up to 35 pictures will get you started. With numerous different available layouts for you to choose from and a short URL of your choosing, it’s simple enough to add your portfolio to your resume or cover letter and show off your creative work.

For those still on the fence about signing up, Carbonmade offers a free demo of how the service works as well. Convinced yet? If so, check out some of our design and photography software programs to get your creative projects looking their very best.

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