Do more with Google

Google commandsGoogle is a great search engine that provides the fastest and most accurate results. But Google is more than that: it features some embedded functions which enable you to do more than just performing searches. Take a look at this list with the most useful Google commands and learn more in the Google Help Center.

  • Regarding Google’s main function (that is, search the web), you can restrict your searching to just one website by using the site: command after your keywords, like this: software
  • You can also check how many links point to your website with the link: command and see how popular you are on the Internet. This is the appropriate syntax:
  • Google works very well as a dictionary. Simply enter the define: command followed by the word you want to look up and you’ll get its definition: define:software
  • Google is also good with numbers. You can use its embedded calculator to perform simple mathematical calculations. Enter the operations directly into the search field (54+65*3) to obtain the results
  • Another interesting Google function is the currency converter. Whether you use international symbols (45 USD in GBP) or plain language (45 dollars in pounds), Google will convert it right away.
  • One last Google command is weather. Enter it followed by any location worldwide and you’ll get the weather forecast for the next few days: weather London
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