Do more with your digital pictures

Elena Santos


Microsoft Photosynth EndeavourYou probably think that an online photo album is pretty much the best you can do with your digital pictures, or maybe one of those slideshows with background music and transition effects. Well, forget about digital albums, they’re just out of date. Digital photography and software development can now produce stunning results like this three-dimensional visit to the Kennedy Space Center, where the NASA is preparing the Endeavour shuttle for its next space trip.

This scene has been created with PhotoSynth, a new technology developed by Microsoft which intends to provide a new approach to photo viewing. PhotoSynth takes thousands of pictures of a given location and blends all of them together, building a three-dimensional space similarly to the way our brain builds 3D perception from 2D images.

Touchpoint GalleryDespite not being an actual 3D environment where you can freely move around, this amazing photo composition enables you to see almost every single detail of the scene, from the cameras controlling the cockpit entrance to the ground personnel doing their work beside the big white spaceship.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. There are simpler things you can do with your pictures, in a much easier way and with equally eye candy results. One good example is Touchpoint Gallery, a software app that enables you to create eye-catching photo albums and virtual art galleries with the images in your hard drive or your Flickr account, as well as creating screensavers with them.

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