Do you use WhatsApp behind the wheel? This new app could help the police convict you

If you happen to be using WhatsApp (or any other messaging application for that matter) just before a car accident, the police may be able to find out and potentially take action. At least that’s what the creators of “textalyzer” are – a new tool intended to help the authorities figure out if mobile distraction could have been the cause of the accident – are saying.

Although the “textalyzer” is not yet operational, it is currently waiting to be legislated in New York. If approved, and proves to be successful, we can surely expect to see it reach other corners of the globe in time.

The tool itself has the ability to respect the privacy of its users. The textalyzer does not read conversations, contacts, phone numbers – it only has the ability to detect whether or not you have used your mobile just before an accident has taken place.

Source: The Guardian

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