DOTA 2 New Bloom Festival introduces new hero

DOTA 2 New Bloom Festival introduces new hero

DOTA 2, the online multiplayer fantasy game is introducing a new hero called Terrorblade as part of it’s latest event the New Bloom Festival. This and more are being introduced to DOTA 2 with the upcoming Game Update 6.80.

The New Bloom Festival in DOTA 2 lore is the time Winter begins to end, and brings with it ‘The Coming of the Year Beast’. This beast awakes covered in rare materials that can be crafted into amazing armor if anyone dares take it on. Valve’s New Bloom Festival page describes what special preparations players will need to take if they want to fight The Coming of the Year Beast.

Terroblade is a ‘demon marauder’. This dark hero has the ability of Reflection. He can create a double of your opponent which will attack for you, slowing down your opponent. Terrorblade can also conjure an image of himself to help during batles.

Valve has detailed all the changes on its New Bloom page. Another notable change is the introduction of Random Ability Draft, which assigns each player a hero at random, and the heroes’ abilities are placed in a pool that player can pick from. Lots of weapons and abilities have been balanced to make for better competition.

The update will be live soon.


[Source: DOTA 2 Blog]

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