Download Bing backgrounds in seconds

I didn’t expect to like Bing, but I have to admit it’s a pretty cool search engine. I’m still using Google by default – it’s hard to break the habit – but it’s nice to have Bing around too. The first thing anyone notices about Microsoft’s new wannabe is the great background images.

With the free Bing Downloader, you can quickly grab every day’s Bing backgrounds just by opening it. It doesn’t need an installation, just double click the EXE file to go. Download it free here. Once you have, wherever you keep the EXE file, create a folder in the same place called “BingImages”. All the images will then be automatically saved there.

It only takes a moment to open it, and doing so daily, you’ll soon have a ton of great looking wallpaper images! There are three every day – did you know there are three different local versions of Bing? I had no idea, but US, Japan and the rest of the world (International) each get different backgrounds.

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