Updated: Download free music on your mobile phone

Updated: Download free music on your mobile phone

There are lots of great mobile apps that can let you listen to music on your phone. Over the years, we’ve written lots of articles to help our readers enjoy music on their phones. Here are some of our favorites.

5 Android apps for audiophiles

While the stock music player in Android OS is okay for casual listeners, audiophiles will always want more options and customization when it comes to their music libraries. These are top five Android Music Apps that offer more features and functionality, like video playback.

How to copy specific songs to your iPhone

What if you only want to copy certain selected songs to your iPhone? iTunes doesn’t feature this option and you can’t just drag and drop songs as you did with older iPods. However, there’s a very simple trick you can use as a way around this apparent limitation.

Android music players: Zimly versus TuneWiki

Zimly and TuneWiki are two of the top Android music players on Softonic. Niamh cmpared them both, and I gave them an identical – and very respectable – 8 out of 10. If you’re trying to choose between them, here’s a run through of both of them, briefly concentrating on what each does best.

SoundTracking lets you share music you love

After the release of Instagram, the popular photo-based social network for iPhone, many other new apps have been presented as “the Instagram for” whatever other thing they did. This is the case of SoundTracking, a new app that has been described as Instagram for music.

Access your music in the cloud with MP3Tunes

Spotify is really popular, offering a huge library of music to listen to on demand from computers and smart phones. I’ve said before that I’m not a huge fan, and MP3tunes addresses on of my complaints: that Spotify doesn’t have everything I want to listen to!

Do you have other favorite Softonic articles about mobile music? What about any apps you already use and want to share?

[This article was updated from an original published in 2008 by James Thornton. TC]

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