Where to find the best videogame wallpapers

Patrick Devaney


Video games are now true works of art. Epic in size and scale, and breath-taking in their beauty; video games have established themselves as not just for the gamer but an essential part of modern popular culture. They offer experiences, feelings, and emotions that cannot be found elsewhere. We’re not here today though, to talk about story lines, emotions, or character development. Mostly, we’re here today to talk about amazing graphics and incredible vistas. We’re mostly focusing on them, because they’re what make great video game wallpapers.

Scroll on then to go through some of the best video game wallpapers available right now and also to discover some of the best places to find video game wallpapers too. Get ready for epic!

HD video game wallpapers

Cyberpunk 2077 and more

Cyberpunk 2077 might just be the most hotly anticipated video game in the world right now. Coming out April 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 is CD Projekt Red’s hotly-anticipated follow up to The Witcher 3, which is widely regarded as one of the best RPGs ever. Yep, you’re right, that is the same Witcher that is currently on Netflix. Cyberpunk 2077 looks fantastic and on top of that, the cyber punk genre is incredibly popular with fan artists meaning there is a lot of great fan art available too. Check out these wallpapers below.

All of these Cyberpunk 2077 wallpapers came from To access the full HD version of the above wallpapers you should head over there and register as a user. You’ll also find great computer game wallpapers for games like Total War, World of Warcraft, Gears of War, Doom, Halo, and many more.

Battlefield and more

Battlefield and Call of Duty have been the two stand out first-person shooter games for quite some time. Both have ebbed and flowed and occupied the top spot at different times, but it has always been one of the two. Now, this might be a bit of a subjective choice on our part, but we’ve always loved the promo artwork that has gone with the Battlefield games and think there are some really excellent wallpapers there for you to check out.

Again, all of these wallpapers and more can be found in a single place. If you got to Wallpapers Wide, you’ll see all sorts of different wallpapers that go way beyond video games. As you’re here, however, looking for video game wallpapers, you might be most interested in the strict video game section, which includes wallpapers from a broad variety of games including the likes of Age of Empires, BioShock, Grand Theft Auto, and more.

Super Mario and more

We’re taking you a little left-field now as we delve into the world of fan art. These are video game wallpapers of your favorite games and characters but as you’ve never seen them before. If you want to assert your video game fan credentials while also maintaining an air of independence, these are the wallpapers for you.

If you’re into this kind of video game background then you should head over to the video game section of WallpaperPlay where you’ll find well over 70 cool and unique HD wallpapers based on your favorite computer game characters such as Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, Fortnite, Far Cry, Guild Wars, and League of Legends.

Computers, consoles, VR headsets, and more

It’s worth noting that it’s not just the video games themselves that look beautiful and epic anymore. A lot of design work goes into creating every single piece of equipment that helps us immerse ourselves in the video games we love to play. Even something as simple as a PlayStation controller looks good today but you can add to that VR headsets, Ultra HD TV sets, the video game consoles themselves, modded up gaming PCs, and all manner of experience boosting peripherals from  gaming headsets to strip lighting that makes monitors glow in the most epic fashion.

All of these gaming equipment wallpapers are from the uber cool and free stock photography website Unsplash. If you head over to the Unsplash gaming collection, you’ll find all the wallpapers we’ve shown above and more. Unsplash is definitely the place to go for anybody who is looking for a more hipster type of gaming wallpaper.

Wrapping up

We’ve given you 18 HD gaming wallpapers to help you personalize your Windows PC or Mac. If you’re an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone user, then all you need to do to get wallpapers for your devices is follow the links we’ve included after each set of images.

We’ve tried to cover as many different aspects of gaming culture as we can for our list of wallpapers and places to find great video game themed backgrounds. We’re confident that after reading our guide, you’ll definitely have found something you’re happy with. Let us know your wallpaper choices in the comments below.

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