Draw Something 2 now available worldwide

Draw Something 2 now available worldwide

Draw Something 2 is now available worldwide in the App Store for iOS. It’s the sequel to the massive 2012 hit developed by Omgpop, which was then bought by the social games giant Zynga.

Draw Something 2 takes the original idea and adds to it. In an attempt to make it more social, you can now share your drawings with friends in the game, and even follow celebrities who play the game.

There’s a gallery which collects the drawings you’ve done, and you can share any of them by mail, Twitter or Facebook. There’s a shop which allows you to buy more drawing tools, and new game modes.

What all of this means is that Draw Something 2 isn’t quite so immediate when you first play, and the increased social part, although it can be turned off puts a focus on sharing that wasn’t there in the original game. The home feed starts with drawings liked by the Draw Something 2 team, and tends to be a stream of far too professional looking drawings, not the amusing but basic things that made the original game so popular.

However, this is a much richer game in terms of features, and many people are sure to enjoy the new tools and social focus that Zynga has added.

Download Draw Something 2 for iOS, and see if the game still has the charm of the original.

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