Dropbox releases Mailbox app for Android, adds “Auto-Swipe” feature

Dropbox releases Mailbox app for Android, adds “Auto-Swipe” feature

Popular iOS email app, Mailbox, finally makes its way onto Android. This is the first major release of Mailbox after it was purchased by Dropbox a year ago.

Mailbox offers unique features that help users organize their inboxes. There are gesture controls to archive, delete, and snooze mail. Snoozing mail turns them into tasks that will reappear at the top of your inbox after a set amount of time.

Mailbox for Android

New to Mailbox for iOS and Android is the ability to “Auto-Swipe” email. The feature lets users automatically archive similar emails so spam or less important emails are automatically sorted out of your inbox. Mailbox is smart and will archive entire threads of an email, not just a single message. The app will learn your behavior over time to predict what you’d like to archive automatically.

Gmail’s category inbox does something similar but breaks up your inbox into different sections for offers, bills, travel, and more. Still, Mailbox offers smarter automation than Google and its email snooze feature is compelling.

Mailbox for Mac beta

Dropbox also showed off its Mailbox for Mac app, which will be launching in beta soon. The app features a minimalist design that looks like a hybrid between Gmail and Feedly. Threaded messages are easier to read and buttons for snooze, archive, and delete are located at the top of each message. There’s no word when the beta is launching but you can sign up to be alerted at Mailbox’s website.

Dropbox also leverages its cloud technologies by syncing Mailbox’s email settings and preferences. You can start reading your email on your phone and continue on a tablet and have everything in sync.

Even if you’re a die-hard Gmail for Android user, Mailbox is worth checking out. It might just help you tame your messy inbox.

Download Mailbox for Android

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