Elon Musk’s Latest Twitter Controversy: A Pants-Down Battle with Verified Users

Rectifying is wise... they must be saying in the Twitter office right now

Elon Musk’s Latest Twitter Controversy: A Pants-Down Battle with Verified Users
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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We are a few thousand people with the verified Twitter account. The blue check that comes up next to your name on your profile was only available when someone was relevant in the world of sports, music, journalism and politics. If you were “somebody” on Twitter you got your account verified.


The problem is that this did not give money for the company and Elon Musk has left 44,000 million dollars to take over the social network. His fireman’s idea was to charge us all for verification, otherwise we would lose it.

Elon Musk does not give one and on Twitter are already with the joke

Since his arrival on the board, Elon Musk has surprised us every week with a new fundraising idea. These constant changes, coupled with highly controversial decisions (unblocking accounts suspended for hate speech, such as Donald Trump’s) have caused advertisers to leave.

And if advertisers leave… who pays the bills? We, the users of the social network. The company’s CEO came up with Twitter Blue, a Twitter subscription that gives access to all kinds of tools… and blue verification. Meta has also introduced it.

But that clashed completely with users who already had verification in our account for being relevant people (in the eyes of Twitter, in my house they don’t even know my name). That’s why Elon Musk decided that on April 1st the blue check would be removed if we didn’t go through the checkout process. The verified was only going to be a thing for paying customers.

But, as you can see in Maya Pixelskaya’s tweet, April 1 has passed and those of us who are verified have discovered that we have not lost the verified check. Although they have put us a legend on the little symbol that is to study it.

“This account is verified either because it is subscribed to Twitter Blue or because it is an old verified account”. In this way Elon Musk leaves us in limbo and ends with the distinctions: all in the same bag.

Another idea that goes wrong

Elon Musk said a few weeks ago that companies that wanted to continue having the verified would have to pay and the amount was not going to be 8 dollars a month, but more than thousands of dollars. If you have a business on Twitter you have to pay.

This has caused The New York Times to start an open war against Elon Musk. For example, he refused to pay for the service and Twitter has removed the Blue Check. An account with 55 million people is no longer verified.


It is really painful to see what Twitter has become and where it is going after the acquisition of a person who only rules in today.

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