E3 2014: Civilization: Beyond Earth, classic strategy has returned

E3 2014: Civilization: Beyond Earth, classic strategy has returned

Civilization: Beyond Earth essentially takes Civilization from Earth into space. Imagine the best of Civilization in a completely new environment – we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Fans of the Civilization series have been anticipating more news about the newest game of the franchise with its new setting and gameplay improvements. Turn-based strategy fans have a lot to look forward to when it releases. Raul Perez is in Los Angeles and had a chance to play the game. Here’s what he though about Firaxis’ newest game.

Pure civilization, in space

The core of Firaxis gameplay for the series hasn’t changed. It’s based on previous games where you have to expand and conquer, build cities, and prepare for battle. Civilization: Beyond Earth still uses the familiar hexagons when playing the game.

Unfortunately for some fans who enjoyed the historical accuracy of the old games might be disappointed as this game is set in a science fiction world. Instead of moving through territories on Earth, you head into the stars and settle on undiscovered planets.

Important decisions

Gameplay in Civilization games are complex and that’s no different in Civilization: Beyond Earth. The CPU opponents will continue to work with or against you depending on how you deal with relations with them.

Your choices in the direction of your technological progression is important as it can change the ability of your cities. Every decision has an effect and that’s something to keep in mind at all times.

Choose your own adventure: Purity, Harmony, or Supremacy

There are three ways to win in Civilization: Beyond Earth. These are defined according to your actions. The game uses Purity, Harmony, and Supremacy to describe the different ways.

  • Purity is about respecting the past and focusing on the history of mankind and the worship of deities
  • Harmony is about balance between the planet you colonize and its original inhabitants
  • Supremacy is about focusing on the future. This means you will spend a lot of time focusing on technology and science to improve your people

These will also effect the relationships you have with other civilizations you encounter.

Multiple layers

Civilization: Beyond Earth offers more than just the surface of a planet to colonize. Even more strategic is the orbital layer. This will allow you to create satellites that can act like defensive weapons.

Diplomacy has been improved to be more arbitrary than historically accurate like in previous games. Since the game takes places in a fictional world, there are unlimited options for diplomatic gameplay.

A split between tradition and modernity

The core of Civilization: Beyond Earth is the same as its always been in the series. But Firaxis is working to improve on problems that fans had with previous titles. There are big hopes for Civilization: Beyond Earth, but there’s still a good amount of time between now and the release of the game.

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