5 things we DIDN’T see at E3 2019

Jacob Yothment


And so, another E3 has come to pass. With it came a lot of games we weren’t expecting to see.  However, there were a bunch of things we were hoping to see but they never graced the stage.


Here are the things we sadly didn’t get to see at E3 2019 that we will hopefully hear more about soon.

Halo Infinite gameplay

At E3 2018, Halo fans went nuts when Halo Infinite was announced.

This year, we were dying to see gameplay for the new game, or at least hear some new cool details. What we got was this:

Sure, it’s kinda cool. However, we don’t want to see a trailer that’s basically a cut scene we will try to skip through on subsequent playthroughs. Why can’t we see Master Chief in action? Why can’t we see new weapons or changes in combat mechanics? Why can’t we hear about what’s coming to online?

We’re happy that we got SOMETHING, but this was hardly worth the year we had to wait.

Anything about the PlayStation 5

So what did Sony bring to E3?

Although Hideo Kojima gave us a new trailer for Death Stranding a few weeks ago, and we got a few new PlayStation 5 details in the months leading up to E3, Sony was notably absent this year.

If Sony would have shown up with just a few details about the PS5, we would have been thrilled. We didn’t even need much; they could have just given us a better idea of when it would be released and potential new features. But no, Sony instead left E3 in the hands of Microsoft and Nintendo.

To be fair, Nintendo kinda killed it at E3 this year. Although, there was one game that we tragically heard nothing about…

Metroid Prime 4

Two years ago at E3 2017, we first saw the announcement trailer for Metroid Prime 4, and we were elated.

However, at the beginning of the year, we got some unfortunate news. The game was going to be delayed.

After already waiting so long to see Samus’s next adventure, it was a kick in the teeth to learn that we were going to have to wait even longer. However, since that announcement was made about five months ago, we were hoping that by now we would get some sort of update on the game. Sadly, we heard nothing.

We’re hoping that Samus isn’t doomed to forever be trapped in the Brinstar Depths, but our hopes of actually playing this game are quickly dwindling.

The Last of Us Part II

To be fair, we already know a LOT about The Last of Us Part II. We got a cool reveal trailer two years ago, and we got more than 10 minutes of gameplay footage last year. However, we are still worried about the release date.

At first, we were optimistic that we would finally get to see what Joel and Ellie have been up to by the end of 2019, but that is looking further and further from the truth.

Death Stranding has a concrete release date of Nov. 6, 2019, and we simply cannot see Sony releasing two games with such massive hype that close together. I mean we are probably going to buy both at launch anyway, but it isn’t a smart move to let two console exclusives compete with each other for sales.

This suggests that The Last of Us Part II will just have to wait until early 2020. However, now we aren’t sure of that either because Cyberpunk 2077 is set to be released in April of 2020. Sure, Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t a PS4 exclusive, but we can’t imagine Sony wanting to compete against that title either. Do you really want to go toe-to-toe with Keanu Reeves?

We didn’t think so.

Elder Scrolls VI

At E3 2018, Bethesda released this 36-second announcement trailer for the next Elder Scrolls game… and it definitively was the most hyped announcement of that year.

One year later, we were hoping to get something more than a glorified JPEG, but we instead got a trailer for Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr:

What do we think of that trailer?

We got nothing for Elder Scrolls VI. We didn’t get a release date, we didn’t get a new trailer, and we didn’t even get an official title!

Honestly, if Bethesda didn’t show us Doom: Eternal, they might as well not have come at all.

It was still a pretty awesome E3

At the end of the day, we still got some awesome announcements at E3 2019. Come on people, we got a trailer for a new Zelda game. What more could you ask for?

What games were you hoping to see at E3 this year? Were you satisfied with the lineup, or were you hoping that this would finally be the year for Half Life 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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