E3: Portal 2

In a week which was pretty, well, weak for the PC at the E3 expo, Valve have cheered things up by showcasing Portal 2.

The enigmatic and iconic 3D puzzle game that saw us outwitting a twisted artificial intelligence named GLaDOS, hardly needs a sequel, but I’m certainly excited about the prospect. The original PC ending was patched earlier this year to make room for Portal 2, although the song Still Alive made it quite clear that although GLaDOS may have been defeated, she was anything but dead…

Few games have ever forced players to think in such original ways, and Portal 2 promises to add some cool, mind-bending new tools to GLaDOS’ experiments. It should certainly keep people too busy to worry about rumored continuations of the Half Life series. It’s scheduled for a 2011 release, but if that’s too long to wait, you could always give the retro 2D tribute ASCIIpOrtal a go.

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