Easy hard drive and file management

Manage files the easy wayIt’s always the same: the largest your hard drive, the more files you have stored on it. Managing this huge amount of information is a hard task that can go terribly wrong if you don’t take it seriously. This is why I thought it would be a good idea to go over some useful apps that can help you manage your files in an easier way.

The first thing we probably need to control is space management. HDGraph helps you here by drawing a graphical chart to display your hard drive’s space usage, so that you can immediately identify which folders are taking more space.

Another good tip for drive maintenance and file management is cleanliness. A clean drive is usually faster, more reliable and more efficient. There are dozens of tools to leave your hard drive as bright as a new pin: erase empty folders with Remove Empty Directories, delete unnecessary files with CCleaner and search for duplicate files with Duplicate Cleaner. There’s even a special duplicate finder for music files.

Finally, remember to always make a backup copy of your most important files. This includes not only work documents, but also your most precious memories like personal pictures or videos. Cobian Backup is an excellent option but there many other backup tools in to choose from in our Security Backups category.

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