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James Thornton

James Thornton

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The release of the new version of iOS today will bring with it a host of great new features. If you’re planning to get an iPhone 5 or iPad Mini, or upgrade your existing Apple device to iOS 6, you’ll be able to do much more with your Apple smartphone or tablet than you could up to now.

We’ve known about the new features of the latest operating system for some time, and you can read in more depth in the guide to what’s new in iOS 6 we published after Apple’s WWDC 2012. A full, final list of every change can be found on the Apple iOS 6 site.

But what are the changes in the new operating system that will really make a difference to our day-to-day use of iPhones and iPads? We asked the mobile experts from across Softonic’s international network of sites to explain the new iOS 6 that will have the biggest impact on their usage of Apple products.

VIP feature in Mail

James Thornton, Softonic EN: Managing email is one of my biggest nightmares in life. I receive so much that I can get overwhelmed. Having the new VIP list function in iOS 6 means I can filter mails from my family and my best buddies, to make sure their mails don’t get lost in amongst all the other junk (or what some like to call ‘work emails’). I’m please Apple finally added direct photo/video attachment support to Mail too.

App Store improvements

Radek Grabarek, Softonic Poland: I’m an app maniac. I filled the maximum number of application screens (11). That’s why I’m looking forward to the App Store improvements. Finally, I’ll be able to download free apps without typing the password, and also download multiple apps without the App Store closing, and to share info about cool apps via Twitter, Facebook, Mail, text message, or just copying a link.

3D Maps

Cauê Llop, Softonic Brazil: One of the things I use the most on my smartphone is the map, which, together with the GPS, turns my device into a powerful tool to help me finding my way around. The new 3D Maps feature in iOS 6 is very impressive, and with it you can see all the streets and buildings as if you were really there. This makes it a lot easier to recognize the places you’re going to, meaning I’ll be getting lost a lot less in future!

Siri enhancements

Abel Bueno, Softonic Spain: Siri was the most surprising iOS feature last year, and it was launched with a lot of potential but sadly it was limited to the iPhone 4S. As a new iPad user, I was eager to enjoy it on my device, and now this is possible with iOS 6. Better still, it seems this virtual assistant has learned some new tricks and now includes languages like Spanish, Italian and Cantonese. I can’t wait to start talking to Siri on my iPad!

Shared Photo Streams

Marina Cappannini, Softonic Italy: I take lots of pictures with my iPhone that I always like to share with my friends afterwards. Now with the new Shared Photo Streams feature this is really fast and easy to do. I just need to create an album, put the pictures that I want to share inside it, then choose from my contact list who I want to see it – and that’s it! People who see my album can also comment and like my photos. Great!

Facetime 3G support

Jan-Hendrik Fleischer, Softonic Germany: FaceTime is Apple’s Skype rival. Using this free video call app you can easily stay in touch with family and friends. You can reach contacts via Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi – and now over 3G using your phone line, which will make the app genuinely useful. I like Facetime’s intuitive usability. The app smoothly integrates into the well-known environment of Apple and iOS.

Do Not Disturb feature:

Alex Carlier, Softonic France: I’ve been waiting for this function for so long! I’m always playing on my iPhone, and it’s so annoying to be disturbed by an app or a call when I’m busy, or worse, when I’m about to make a crucial move in a game. This is even more terrible when I panic because I want to be fast and I push the ‘Show’ button by mistake. The simple new ‘Do not disturb’ functionality will definitely put an end to all this.

Metallic effect on sliders

Merijn de Boer, Softonic Netherlands:Everything in iOS looks shiny and things just got even shinier in this latest release. Of all the changes to the operating system, my favorite thing is something relatively small and subtle: I love the way Apple utilizes the accelerometer to add a metallic effect to sliders. It’s a real thing of beauty, and my personal favorite change in iOS 6 – though naturally it’s not the most ‘useful’ new feature.

Do you disagree with our editors? What is your favorite new feature of iOS 6?

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