Eject USB devices faster in Windows

Eject USB devices faster in Windows

Eject USB devices faster in WindowsFollowing Cyril’s post on how to remove USB device safely, I found another USB-related application that’s become part of my daily work on its own merits. Its name is USB Disk Ejector and does exactly what its name states: ejects your USB devices in just a couple of clicks or keystrokes.

As a frequent user of USB memory sticks to carry documents and photos around, I’m sick of the lengthy process Windows puts me through every time I want to eject a USB device from my computer: first click on the taskbar icon, then select the device, then wait for Windows to show another dialog box and finally click again. It’s totally inefficient and a complete waste of time.

This is why I was glad to find USB Disk Ejector: simply run it and remove your USB device by double clicking on its name on the program’s interface – or just press Enter if it’s already selected. Plus, the program features a much more intuitive design which helps you identify your USB devices if there’s more than one connected at the same time.

By the way, here’s one tip to make the program even more useful: save the EXE file anywhere you want and create a shortcut to it on the Desktop. Then open the shortcut’s Properties dialog and assign a keyboard shortcut to it. From now on, you’ll be able to eject your USB devices in no time!

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