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Emojis are better at karaoke than you are

When the iPhone X first shipped one of the standout features was face tracking technology, akin to that found on the Xbox Kinect. To show it off Apple launched animojis, which tracked your facial movements and moved an emoji of your choice to match them. Once released it didn’t take long for users to start putting it to good use. Animoji karaoke was born.

Twitter quickly became awash with chickens, dogs, monkeys, and even poop singing along to karaoke classics like Queen.

Well now Animoji karaoke is back, and Apple has gone all out in a bid to build up hype for its Worldwide Developer’s Conference. The song getting the animoji treatment is Citizen Kane by Korean group Hyukoh.  As well as the face tracking bear, chicken, and dragon emojis Apple has produced a neon fused video to go with the pumping Korean beats. Check it out. Bets are you’ll love it.

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