eMule 0.49a launches after 11 months

eMule 0.49a launches after 11 months

eMule new versionOur workmates from OnSoftware Spain have published what they say is today’s big news: eMule releases a new version. And they’re right, because eMule developers have taken almost a year to launch this version, while they usually updated their popular P2P app every two-three months.

This long period of development has brought many improvements in the program’s functions and protocols, a bunch of bug fixes and seamless integration with the operating system. But there are other interesting changes.

The first one is a package of major improvements for the Kad protocol, like Kad obfuscation, a better NAT handling, direct callbacks and flood protections, among others. The Kad obfuscation is particularly interesting, as it hides your eMule transfers and thus prevents your ISP from detecting it, avoiding any possible blocks or interferences.

Another important change is that now eMule supports computer status, meaning that if you hibernate your PC, the program will automatically connect again when you wake up the computer again.

Other fixes and improvements include changes to the message system to get rid of spammers and stay in touch with friends with dynamic IPs, several graphical improvements like storing searches between eMule sessions, a search filter for shared files and an easier access to the comment filter.

So what are you waiting for? Try the all-new eMule and tell us what you think of it.

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