Enhance your phone’s battery indicator

Enhance your phone’s battery indicator

iBattery offers an iPhone-style battery guage for your Symbian phoneI find it amazing that despite all advances in modern mobile phone technology, we’re yet to see a handset that doesn’t run out of battery. What’s more, in my experience, many models are pretty poor when it comes to letting you know how much charge you have left. Some bleep and flash at you for hours even though there’s plenty of power left, while others give you about 3 seconds warning that they’re about to shut down. If you’re fed up with this too then fear not because there are plenty of ways to improve your battery indicator.

For instance, if you’re rocking a Pocket PC at the moment you may want to install SmartBatt. This handy little app stores itself in your task tray and launches every time you start your device to provide constant battery monitoring. Those of you who are a little more geeky about phone charge will love Batti, because it provides you with a huge array of stats about your battery, including voltage, temperature, chemistry, and backup battery details.

The default battery indicator on Windows Mobile Smartphones isn’t the most advanced I’ve seen, and I find the gauge too small to be precise, plus it only shows up on the home screen. This problem is quickly remedied by SPBattMet, which adds a subtle, thin green bar across the width of the top of the screen, which decreases based on remaining charge. What’s more, this shows up wherever you are inside the OS.

The Symbian battery indicator is more precise than its Windows Mobile counterpart, but its bars format is starting to look a little old hat now.You can freshen things up a bit by installing Lady Flash Lite, a dazzling Flash-based wallpaper that displays a funky pink battery indicator. Those who prefer a ‘classier’ look might plump for iBattery, which mimics the cool battery icon you see on the iPhone.

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