Enjoy a healthier techie life

yoga_2.jpgHealth is definitely one of our most important worries in life. It’s the first thing you ask for when beginning a new year, when having a baby, when meeting a three-wish lamp genie. It’s therefore worth remembering that you can also use your computer to help take care of your health.

There’s a wide range of software programs which can help you acquiring healthy habits, dropping the bad ones and improving your quality of life in general. So move on! Take a look at these applications and start taking better care of yourself right now. It’s never too late and your own PC can make it easier than ever.

  1. Homeopathy : learn more about alternative medicine.
  2. Workrave : remember to take pauses at work.
  3. Open Fitness : manage and track your workouts.
  4. Kelpiesoft Food File : food database with calorie checker.
  5. Body Mass Index Calculator : calculate your ideal weight.
  6. Food Additives : find out exactly what you’re eating.
  7. RSI Warrior : prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  8. Quit Counter : some help with quitting smoking.
  9. Free Biorhythm Calculator : for your emotional and physical well-being.
  10. Weight Tracker : take control of your diet’s progress.
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