Equalize the sound of your Mp3s

Musical noteThere’s nothing more annoying than an Mp3 music collection that constantly varies in sound levels. One minute, you can hardly hear a track and then the next one comes blasting through your speakers. Mp3 Tester is an automatic testing tool that informs you about the sound levels and labeling of your MP3 collection so you can order, arrange and equalize them as you like. For example, you can specify the maximum and minimum bitrate you want and the program warns you if any of the values are exceeded.

Usually, this means you can equalize bitrates to the standard size of 128Kbps or 192Kbps. It can also detect if a file has finished suddenly, is incomplete, or does not contain the correct ID3 information (i.e. album, artist, title) and make verifications on the structure of Mp3s. Note that the test version only allows you to make two types of verifications simultaneously and only analyzes 70% of the Mp3 file that you scan.

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