Everything Everywhere All at Once shocks Hollywood – see why it’s the best picture winner

The Daniels get Everything Everywhere All at Once to win it all at the Oscars

Everything Everywhere All at Once shocks Hollywood – see why it’s the best picture winner
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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The 2023 Oscars Ceremony has concluded. The movie party organized by the Hollywood Academy delights us, year after year, with iconic moments such as Will Smith‘s famous slap last year. With his return, this time more peaceful, has come a big surprise in the form of a film so original that it has won it all: Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Directed by the Daniels, who also won best director, the feature film has been reaping awards throughout the night. In addition to several technical awards, it won Best Original Screenplay and had three actors win in their respective categories: Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Surpassing The Fabelman and All Quiet on the Western Front

The only thing missing was the final award, but after the course of the night it seemed a foregone conclusion. Although The Fabelman was also a film that could compete in the category of best feature film, another film has risen during the night with several awards that made it positioned at the height of the Daniels’ film: All Quiet on the Western Front.


The Netflix film could have overshadowed Everything Everywhere All at Once. However, thanks to its good performance in practically all filmic aspects, the Daniels’ film has finally won the Academy’s most important award.

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The best film of the year is already undisputed, and the achievement has been such that many who did not know of its existence are rushing to see it. No wonder. The movie is a delight and, moreover, as entertaining as any Marvel movie (the multiverse thing is no coincidence). So it looks like a great plan to follow the trajectory of these curious directors.

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Juan Carlos Saloz

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