Excit: an Excel game that is actually fun

Excit: an Excel game that is actually fun

Excit, an Excel gameCan Excel be any fun? The answers is yes! Oh well, you’re right, there’s something fishy here. It’s not really Excel but Excit, an Excel-themed Flash game that will put your logic skills to test! Each level is designed like a real Excel spreadsheet, from which you have to escape in order to progress through the game.

Simply move your cursor with the arrow keys, but take into account that the cursor won’t stop until it hits an object. This means that you need to plan your route very carefully and make a wise use of the walls spread all over the screen if you want to reach the exit. There’s no “lives” concept in Excit, so you can keep on trying until you either succeed, give up or it’s time to go back to the real Excel.

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