Extending productivity: getting the most out of Firefox

Extending productivity: getting the most out of Firefox

One of the biggest benefits of using Firefox is the ability to include add-ons to your experience. Add-ons run as mini-apps within the browser itself, and they can substantially increase your productivity on the web. Here are 3 of the best productivity add-ons for Firefox:

1. Save Time on Social Media and Email Proofing

In the Digital Age, virtually everyone is pressed for time in communication. Keyboards, touch pads, smartphones … it seems like every digital device has some way for you to mess up things like grammar and spelling. Even if you’re a proficient writer, it can be easy to make spelling and grammar mistakes with so many ways to reach out to the world and such limited time in which to complete the task.

Thankfully, After the Deadline is available to help. As an add-on for Firefox, After the Deadline serves as a proofreader that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze your typing in real-time. Whether you’re sending a tweet, an email, or any other type of communication through Firefox, After the Deadline can help you to catch mistakes before you send them out to the world.

2. Highlight Webpages for Faster Research

Wired-Marker is a virtual highlighter that serves as a mini-bookmark tool. With normal webpage bookmarks, your browser remembers the entire page, but with Wired-Marker, you can highlight specific text, save it as a bookmark, and then have the ability to go directly to the highlighted portions of text each time you visit a specific site. This can save serious time and increase productivity when you really need to find that sentence, quote, or statistic you’re looking for on a large webpage with a lot of text.

3. Shopping Assistant

Online shopping these days is easier than ever, but if you aren’t comparing prices from various retailers, you may end up paying too much. Shopping Assistant is a Firefox add-on that shows you various prices on products all across the Internet, including at online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and eBay. This increases productivity in that you won’t have to spend extra time searching for pricing details and comparison shopping between sites.

One of the largest advantages of using Shopping Assistant is that it provides you with a price history. Knowing how a product’s prices have changed over time can let you know whether you’re getting a good deal or not. For example, if you visit one retailer and see that a product is being offered at $100, but then you see the price history at another retailer that shows the same product cost $100 two years ago, you can reasonably assume that paying $100 today is a bad idea.

To check out all of the benefits for yourself, click here to download Shopping Assistant !

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