Extract audio from YouTube videos

Extract audio from YouTube videos

FLV logoEver wanted to extract the audio of a concert or favourite YouTube clip? Imagine if you could listen to rare audio of your favourite artist or band on your iPod or Mp3 player. FLV Audio Extractor allows you to do exactly that by ripping audio tracks in Mp3 format from any FLV file. FLV is the flash format that is most frequently used on the Internet to deliver streaming such as YouTube and other video sites.

The program works via a batch processor which can remove audio tracks with ease from several videos at once. You’ll firstly need to download the YouTube FLV files with a program such as YouTube Downloader and then you simply load the files into the interface and click “Extract”. In theory you should get a perfectly sounding soundtrack although the reality is that sometimes, the audio sound is jumpy or a bit unclear. It seems to depend on what format the clip was uploaded in in the first place but generally the results are satisfactory.

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