Facebook brings Messenger back to its Android app

Facebook brings Messenger back to its Android app
Lewis Leong

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After much user uproar over separating Messenger from the Facebook app, the social network has decided to allow Messenger to live inside its main Android app once again. Many users hated the requirement to download Messenger to chat with their friends after getting used to using the chat service inside the Facebook app.

Facebook Messenger also worried users with the large number of permissions it required on Android. We’ve already debunked these scary permissions and proved that what Facebook Messenger required was not unique or dangerous.

Facebook is also trying to raise awareness about Messenger’s permissions by including a link to a blog post about why it requires full access to your phone’s microphone. A small notification appears at the top of the news feed if you don’t have Messenger installed and links to a short blog post by Facebook.

Facebook in-app messenger

Facebook still tells users that there’s a separate Messaging app in the app store but users can now dismiss the message and continue chatting inside the Facebook app.

Personally, I find Facebook Messenger a much better experience than chatting within the main Facebook app. You can have Chat Heads, which let you quickly switch between chatting and whatever you’re doing on your phone. The app doesn’t drain a significant amount of power either, contrary to popular belief.

Still, it’s nice of Facebook to give users a choice.

I also tried this on an iPhone but was unable to dismiss the message about downloading Messenger.

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