Facebook copies one of Snapchat’s best features

Facebook copies one of Snapchat’s best features

Facebook Messenger for iOS is about to introduce a particularly interesting new feature – messages that autodestruct. Basically, this means that you will soon be able to send messages over the app that will have an expiration date – very similar to the Snapchat way of working.

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This option has been discovered by Twitter user @iOSAppChanges, that has (somehow) managed to capture screenshots of the function:

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As you can see, with this option, you can enable or disable “Disappearing Messages”. If the option is activated,  you have the choice to make the message vanish from existence after a certain amount of time once the recipient has read it.

This option could be very useful for sending sensitive information to a contact (ie, bank details, addresses, etc). Of course, nothing can stop the recipient taking a screenshot of the message before it’s deleted, but that all depends on how much you trust your Facebook friends.

With the feature, Messenger will start closing in on the gap between its rivals, as it’s similar to one of the star characteristics of Snapchat, and the best features of Telegram (the secret chat option).

So, when can we get to see and use this new feature?

At the moment, it’s still in its development phases, which in Facebook terms, means that it could only be a matter of weeks.

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