Facebook declares war on Snapchat!

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As a way of increasing user activity, Facebook is apparently in the process of creating their very own “Snapchat”- style camera app. This may not come as a big surprise seeing as though they recently acquired the hugely popular selfie-hit MSQRD for just short of $120 million.

The company’s “friend-sharing” team, based in London, is rumored to be developing a platform, which is expected to be very similar to the likes of Snapchat and Periscope.

Facebook declares war on Snapchat!


And the reasoning behind developing an app like this?

Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, the social media giant has seen a significant fall in the number of users sharing photos and updating their status – therefore creating something that could encourage them to start sharing again only makes sense.

With 1 billion users, and 100 million active users, a platform like this could prove extremely lucrative, and we all know that Facebook never misses a chance to earn a buck or two. You won’t believe their rumored plans for the future of Messenger!

The app is believed to only be in its early stages of development, and Facebook hasn’t confirmed whether or not it will eventually be released.

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Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team

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