Facebook emoticons for chats – the lazy way!

combo11.pngSmileys are a great way of making chats more interesting and fun, so it’s a pity that some services and apps don’t support them. Facebook Chat is a great example – it’s really, really popular but doesn’t automatically support emoticons!

A few days ago, Elena showed us how to use cool smileys in Facebook Chat. The only problem is that you either have to learn the shortcuts by heart or cut and paste when you want to use them. If you’re the lazy type, you’re going to like Facebook ChatBar +, a Firefox add-on that does the job for you. The smileys appear automatically when you open a chat window with one of your friends – just click the emoticon you want and the add-on inserts it automatically. The icons are the standard Facebook ones, so all your friends will be able to see them, no matter where they are. Even better news? Facebook ChatBar + also works on Mac.

[Via: OnSoftware DE]

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