Facebook for Windows 8.1 gets notification settings

Facebook for Windows 8.1 gets notification settings

After its debut three weeks ago, Facebook for Windows 8.1 is receiving its first update today. The new version brings notification settings where you can choose what events you want to be notified about. Previously, Facebook for Windows 8.1 only gave you alerts on new comments and posts from your starred friends. Here’s a list of every type of event you can toggle in the settings:

Facebook for Windows 8.1 notification settings

  • Messages
  • Wall
  • Poke
  • Friend Request
  • Friend Confirmed
  • Feed Confirmed
  • Feed Comment Reply
  • Share Comment
  • Share Reply
  • Photo Tag
  • Photo Comment
  • Photo Album Comment
  • Photo Reply
  • Photo Comment Tagged
  • Photo Album Reply
  • Event Invite
  • Event Update
  • Event Cancel
  • Added to Group

Facebook for Windows 8.1 notification toggles

That’s a lot of control over what notifications you get but does prevent you from being bombarded with Facebook notifications.

Last but not least, users will finally be able to turn chat notifications within Facebook for Windows 8.1 if your group chats are getting out of hand.

You can download the latest version of Facebook for Windows 8.1 here.


Via: Windows Observer

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