Facebook is about to push out the biggest update of the year

Facebook is about to push out the biggest update of the year

Do you feel that your Facebook profile picture looks a bit dull? A solution to this (and several other upgrades) is coming soon with the new Facebook update, designed especially for mobile users of Facebook (on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone). Today, we talk about all the new updates that await you.

Your profile picture comes to life

The most talked about feature is undoubtedly “Profile Videos”. Facebook says that you will be able to upload a short video, or record one using your smartphone’s camera, and turn it into an animated GIF profile picture. We think that this will help Facebook users to better showcase their personalities, so goodbye boring photos!

A photo for every occasion

How many times have you had a profile picture of yourself in a Santa hat on your Facebook page until mid-February? Perhaps you were too lazy to change it, or you just forgot about it completely. Facebook now has a solution to prevent that from ever happening again.

Introducing…. temporary profile pictures! Not the greatest name for a feature but, until they come up with something else, it will have to do. With temporary profile pictures, you get to set profile pictures that expire after a certain amount of time. For example, your Santa hat photo could be set to appear from December 20th to January 5th. Outside of those days, your regular profile picture will be displayed.

Scheduling profile pictures could also be useful for many other occasions. For example, to show that you are on vacation and do not wish to be disturbed, or switching your regular photo to one of you and your best friend when it’s his birthday – definitely a pleasant surprise, and more special than a dry and distant greeting on a wall.

And finally, the “dislike” button

In addition, the next Facebook update will make it easier for you to edit your profile on mobile platforms.

“Well, okay, yes, this is all great,” you must be thinking, “But what about the rumored dislike button?” Well so far, Facebook has not officially commented, but if you are reading this, Mr. Zuckerberg, we would really dislike it if we don’t get one…

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