Facebook Home getting poor reviews on Google Play Store

Facebook Home getting poor reviews on Google Play Store

Facebook’s new Home app is getting lots of really bad reviews on the Google Play store. With an average of 2.4 stars, and a majority of users giving it just one star, it’s had quite a bad first weekend on the store.

Most negative reviews complain that the Facebook Home is invasive, and takes over phones. This is kind of the point, so it may be that many people are downloading Facebook Home thinking it’s just the new Facebook app.

However, the changes that Home makes to your Android phone are so radical, that it makes doing anything non-Facebook related more difficult. Many users complain that reaching the dialer takes longer with Facebook Home, and that accessing widgets is awkward.

Our mobile editor Christopher uninstalled it after just five hours, complaining that it made his phone almost unusable, and that it really shouldn’t be used on anything other than an HTC First phone.

Change like this is often accompanied by lots of complaints, but it seems this time that there are legitimate problems with Facebook Home. No one would want an application that made their phone worse, even if it does mean better Facebook features.

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