Facebook improves browsing security, enables https by default

Facebook improves browsing security, enables https by default

The social network Facebook has taken a step toward improving its security by enabling https by default for all users. Https, or HTTP Secure, layers the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) on top of the Transport Layer Security (TLS), previously known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). What all this technical jargon means is that users will now be connected to Facebook through a secure channel, which makes it extremely difficult for hackers to intercept traffic coming and going to Facebook.

While https offers a security advantage, performance does take a bit of a hit. Facebook has minimized performance dips by sing “abbreviated handshakes” and customizing load balancers on their servers.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS also support the https protocol so mobile transmissions should be secure as well. Both Google and Facebook are using security measure that are far beyond what’s typical for companies. This comes after Edward Snowden leaked documents about the United States National Security Agency’s massive surveillance program, including the PRISM program that allows the government to access data from tech companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many more.

Facebook is working on even more technical security measures, which you can read about in the source link below.

Source: Facebook

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