Facebook is exposing everyone – and it could get really embarrassing

Facebook is exposing everyone – and it could get really embarrassing

Facebook has a feature that very few people are aware of and it has the potential to anger, embarrass or publically shame you.

We’re talking about the ability to see any photo that any friend has EVER liked – and of course, that includes you too.

Have we got your attention? Of course we have. Let us explain a bit more about exactly what this could mean:

Think of how many times you may flippantly “Like” photos posted by your friends on a daily basis. Now imagine if your girlfriend or boyfriend discovers you’ve been liking a certain someone’s uploads a bit too much – let’s be honest, it’s not going to end well. What if you discover that Grandpa’s been liking certain things that you know Grandma definitely wouldn’t approve of? Or that Mom is liking those daily sex position posts from Cosmo magazine?

Don’t believe us yet? See for yourself!

How to find what photos your friends are liking:

1) Click on the Facebook search bar at the top of the screen.

2) Type in “Photos liked by (Name of Friend)


3) Click on the appropriate result, and voilà!

Now, before you go on a crazy “unliking bonanza” to get rid of any evidence that might incriminate you, or even start rumaging through your partner’s liked-list, it’s important to remember that most of us had lives before our other half came into the picture. It’s therefore advised that if either one of you are prone to the odd bit of jealousy (some people say it’s healthy is small doses), this is probably not the feature for you.

We hope we haven’t ruined your day!

If you love hidden features – here’s one of Facebook’s biggest secrets that you really don’t want to use any time soon.

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