Facebook Messenger for Android has hidden stickers

android facebook hidden stickers

facebook messenger chat headsA week ago, Facebook updated its iPhone app with Chat Heads and stickers. Android users have to look on in envy as stickers are not available for Android. Or are they?

Apparently stickers have been built into the Android Facebook Messenger app for a while but were inaccessible until now. All Android users have to do is tap on the far left of the “+” button to get the sticker menu to show up. It’s speculated that Facebook is internally testing stickers on Android and this “Easter egg” wasn’t meant to be found out.

There are a few bugs with stickers on Android. For example, the sticker menu will only work when a Chat Head is open and the menu is overlaid on top of the keyboard so it looks a bit weird. It’s also buggy, and doesn’t work all the time. I found that I could activate the stickers menu after rebooting my phone but as soon as I received a message, the menu was impossible to get back to when I tapped on the left part of the “+.”

android facebook hidden stickers

Still, when I was in the menu, it worked just like it would in iOS and even included a sticker store. Right now there are only free stickers, but there’s no doubt Facebook will include premium stickers that users can purchase. With stickers, Facebook is attempting to emulate the success of companies like LINE and Kakaotalk, which both offer paid stickers. Last year, LINE generated $4.4 million from sticker sales alone.

Source: The Next Web

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