Facebook Messenger will start allowing sponsored messages

Facebook Messenger will start allowing sponsored messages

In a move that won’t shock anybody, Facebook is bringing advertising to Messenger. It has begun to test allowing companies using Facebook to send out sponsored messages from their clients. Is this another intrusion from the social network? No, and let us tell you why.

Companies can only send these sponsored messages to users with whom they’ve communicated before. For example, if you contacted a store to ask about a special deal they were offering, the store would then be able to consider you a potential customer and could send you messages including promotions and offers. Messenger will allow messages to be sent from companies no more frequently than every 24 hours.

For now, Messenger is testing this system with a small group of brands. It hopes to be able to enable a wider implementation across all businesses in the coming months.

Private messaging is the future of marketing

The first tests of these sponsored messages seem to show that rather than users being bothered by them, users are happy to receive them. According to several studies, users are much happier communicating with companies via messaging services than other means of communication.

Messenger isn’t the only service looking to get in on the action. WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, also recently released WA Business in beta. This will connect users with official business WhatsApp accounts when it gets its full release.

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