Facebook Messenger’s secret inbox you didn’t even know existed

Facebook has many secrets, and we love nothing more than to tell you about them!

For example, did you know that there’s a secret hidden inbox in your Messenger? This is the inbox where all the messages from people who aren’t your friends on Facebook go to, and basically, sit undiscovered. The question is…. are you ready to read them?

Now, we warn you, this could either go one way or the other. On one hand, you may discover that some do-gooder back in Australia has found that wallet that you lost during your travels (might be a bit late though), on the other, it may bring back some bad memories you were quite happy living without until this moment. Either way – you’re in for an interesting read!

Here’s how to find your secret inbox on mobile!

1) Open the Messenger app

2) Click on “Settings”

3) Click on “People”

4) Click “Message Requests”

5) Now click on “See filtered requests”.

Here’s how to find your secret inbox on desktop!

1) Click on Messages (on the version for desktop)

2) Go to “See All”

3) Select “Filtered” from the “More” drop down menu

And there you have it! So, any unexpected surprises?

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