You might soon be able to share your Facebook posts via WhatsApp

People are reporting on Twitter that the Facebook mobile app now includes a Share to WhatsApp button. This new button allows users to share their Facebook posts with friends on WhatsApp quickly. You can already do this of course, but it currently takes a lot more than simply clicking a button.

This new button appears to be only a test, for now at least, as only some people have reported seeing it. Facebook is yet to announce anything about a share to WhatsApp button, so we can only guess that we’re waiting to gauge public opinion on the matter before they press ahead with a broader release.

You’ll find the Share in WhatsApp button underneath the Write Post button when you click the standard share button on your post.

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This button is similar to Facebook’s Send in Messenger button. It is another example of Facebook making it easier for users to communicate across its multiple platforms and slip from one to another with a minimum of effort.

Do you think a Share to WhatsApp button for Facebook is a good idea? Let us know below.

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