Facebook wants to get rid of usernames and passwords

Facebook wants to get rid of usernames and passwords

During the F8 (Facebook Developer Conference) earlier this week, the company announced the launch of Account Kit – a tool which app developers can use to allow their users to register to their services/platform using an email or phone number.

Could this mean the end for usernames and passwords?

Account Kit is designed in order to offer developers an easy way for users to create accounts without having to log into their Facebook account. It’s simple: the app sends a confirmation code to the registered email address or phone number that was first introduced when the user created the account.

Although we’re sure that Facebook prefers users to use their login when registering with other applications, however Account Kit reduces that tedious feeling we get when we have to create a new account for a new app. So how does Facebook benefit from this? Well, basically it encourages developers to work more using their tools and platforms.

Account Kit is now available for iOS, Android , standard web and mobile web.

Source: Mashable

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