Farewell to Gmail? Google surprises you with this potential replacement

Farewell to Gmail? During this week, speculation has emerged: Does Google intend to replace its email service with a “new” service?

If you have recently logged into Gmail using your mobile phone, it is possible that the application has redirected to Inbox instead of the long lived Gmail.  “Thank you for using Inbox””, reads the message showed up to many users. “To make things easier, we’ve updated Gmail to redirect you here”.

Actually, Inbox is not a new service. It debuted last year. Google describes it as “the inbox that works for you”; analyzes your emails to group them so that it is easy to distinguish the most important from the crap, for example. In this article we give you more details about Inbox.

Does that mean you cannot use Gmail? No way. Inbox allows you to go back to Gmail and you can even disable this option.

However, we as journalists like alarm triggering and apparently we have concluded that this move means that Google wants to replace Gmail with Inbox.

“Gmail is still alive and great”, said one presenter from Google about it (though, what else do you expect him to say?). “We want to provide a seamless way for Inbox users to reach the service via Gmail.com without memorizing a new URL. The optional redirection provides an easy access. And if you don’t needed it, you can disabled it in settings”.

Would you like Google to replace or modernize Gmail?

Source: Independent

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