Fashion your Firefox with tailored extension packs

Elena Santos


Fashion your FirefoxThough I currently have only two Firefox extensions installed (Download Statusbar and Tab Mix Plus), I could say I’m a bit of an extension junkie. I love finding new extensions and trying them out. Sometimes I’ve been asked for advice regarding the best extensions for Firefox, but the truth is that these recommendations depend a lot on each user’s personal habits when browsing the web.

Bearing in mind these diverse user profiles, the Mozilla guys have created a special area on their website – Fashion your Firefox – where you can select specific extension collections according to your most frequent activities when using Firefox. So if, for example, you like reading blogs and keeping track of certain websites, you’re advised to install Foxmarks, Delicious Bookmarks, Thumbstrips and Fast Dial. But if you’re more interested in viewing and sharing videos online, then the best extensions for you are Cooliris, Fotofox and Fast Video Download.

The best about Fashion your Firefox is that you can select extensions according to the way you use the Internet and what you like to do when you’re browsing the web. Also, the installation process is really handy: simply click on the profile that suits you best (Social butterfly, Shutterbug, Digital pack rat, Shophaholic and so on) and check the extensions you want to install. They’ll all be added to your Firefox simultaneously. Oh, and you can also mix extension from different profiles, of course

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