Fast and Furious X is for newbies watching this insane motorcycle chase

It looks like they're going to get caught... but they don't. So 6 minutes, avoiding death at every turn.

Fast and Furious X is for newbies watching this insane motorcycle chase
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

It’s up to 8 million views… and counting. Today a video of a chase that is all adrenaline and freneticism has appeared on Twitter. It’s breathtaking.


We don’t know where it happens, we don’t know how those involved ended up. All we have is the video from a subjective camera of a police officer who is chasing a couple riding a motorcycle.

But, first of all, let’s share the video with you so you can watch it while you read the news. It is well worth the five minutes and 51 seconds that the video lasts.

6 minutes waiting for the accident

The video is really crazy. If the scene had been shot by Tom Cruise for his next action movie, it would have won him an award. It’s addictive, frenetic and breathtaking.

In the video we can see the whole scene already in motion, we do not know what causes the chase. And it’s not because of the helmet, because the two people are wearing it well.

It all starts with a motorcycle with a rider and a co-pilot who begin to accelerate and run away from a police officer who is riding another motorcycle. He is chasing them with lights and siren, they just run away. Not even the Fast & Furius X trailer is up to the task.

No words are exchanged and they are not ordered to stop, probably because they are so focused on not crashing that talking is unfeasible.

The two riders prove to be first-class drivers, dominating their bikes as if they were racing drivers. There are impossible turns, juggling movements and accelerations that are not even seen in MotoGP.

And more merit has the pilot who runs away, who has to dominate the bike with him and the co-pilot, so he has more weight to handle (more difficult to maneuver both to lie down in the curves and to brake in time).

No happy ending… for the persecuted

The video ends with a very silly and harmless fall, which causes the chased to end up on the ground and arrested. At that point the recording is cut off and we have no further information.

Researching on the net we have not been able to find the place, nor the year of the recording, but it seems recent and in some Latin American country (by some voices that are heard during the chase).

This video is a candidate for best vira of the year, without any doubt.


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Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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