FIFA 16 and Office 2016 top our five recommended apps this week

FIFA 16 and Office 2016 top our five recommended apps this week

We are back with another five app recommendations for you to try. Some are brand new, others are significant updates, and some are the latest installments of familiar names… very familiar names.

Basil (iOS) is first, the app that lets you build your own personalized cookbook. Now in its third major revision, this cooking tool makes it easy to find, add, and organize all of your recipes with ease – as well as offering multiple other tools to help in the kitchen.

The second app is Move to iOS (Android). This little tool is designed to help Android users easily migrate all of their contacts, messages, and photos to iOS without any cables. Handy if you are tired of the question “Why didn’t you get an iPhone”.

FIFA 16 (Windows). That’s kind of all we need to say, as if you are interested in this soccer game you probably not only already know it’s out, but are reading this while it installs. Though it is filled with many tweaks, perhaps the most interesting addition to this year’s update is the inclusion of the women’s national squads.

Snapchat (iOS|Android) is next, and yes, we know it isn’t new – but it now lets you use Lenses to add some life to your selfies before sending. It’s good fun and, if you have never used this photo messaging service before, this gives you a good excuse to try it out.

Finally this week we have Office 2016 (Window). This latest update to Microsoft’s productivity suite includes better integration between OneDrive and Outlook, a fantastic new Tell Me search function, and many other behind the scenes tweaks to make you more efficient at work.

That’s it for this week. Remember to subscribe if you enjoyed this video and we will be back on Monday with a roundup of the week’s tech news.

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