Fight summer bugs with Ultrafobos

Fight agains mosquitoes with your PCIf you think you’ve already seen everything about software, we can assure you there’s still room for surprise. If not, check out this application on Softonic, specially developed to fight one of the most annoying elements of summer nights: mosquitoes.

Ultrafobos uses the small internal speaker found in computers to emit sounds at a given frequency range. These sounds, although inaudible for human beings, are unbearable for certain kinds of animals and bugs. The application includes some configuration options to select the type of animal you want to scare away, set the volume and schedule sound repetitions.

I’m seriously thinking about trying this at home and see if I can get rid of the dangerous tiger mosquito we have around the area. If you try it yourself, drop us a line in comments and let us know if Ultrafobos worked for you!

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